Vernal and Nevada Falls in Winter

Hiker slips on icy and snowy trail in Yosemite National Park

One of the most popular features of Yosemite National Park are the waterfalls. And while waterfalls in the winter usually don’t have the same volume of water falling as they do in the spring, winter can be an excellent time to see them. Not only are there fewer visitors, but the scenery of waterfalls in […]

10 of the Most Popular BLM Lands 2021

Bureau of Land Management Logo on Colorado BLM land

BLM lands have probably never been as popular as they are now. In 2020, outdoor enthusiasts turned to land managed by the Bureau of Land Management as national, state and local parks closed all around the country due to coronavirus. In 2021, these lands stand to become even more popular as people rediscover the outdoors. […]

The Top 10 Most Popular National Forests

Mt hood road in snow

National parks have always had the most attention when it comes to the top outdoor spots. In 2021, national forests will get a lot more attention. So we reveal the top 10 most popular national forests. Hint: many you may never heard of. National forests are federal lands that are managed and protected by the […]

How to Clean Hiking Boots

Cleaning the soles of the boots

Whether you are getting ready to put your hiking boots up for the season or just want to do a good cleaning, this article will shoe you how to properly clean your hiking boots. We also have some helpful tips on care and maintenance. Why clean your hiking shoes? Hiking shoes are supposed to get […]